Excellence in Kitchen Renovation - UNDER $50,000

SCHBA Awards of Creative Excellence 2023 | Simcoe County Home Builders' Association

  1. Submissions will be accepted only from  Simcoe County Home Builders Association Members in good standing
  2. Digital photos are required (Minimum of 4 pictures @ 300 dpi resolution showing before and after views of the project) PLEASE NOTE - Photos may be resized to facilitate loading for judging. 
  3. 1 – 8.5” x 11” BEFORE floor plan and AFTER floor plan or BEFORE  picture and AFTER picture of the Kitchen.  Hand drawn sketches of plans are acceptable 
  4. 1 – Printout of written submission (maximum 200 words)

PLEASE NOTE:  Renovations will be judged by photographs and online submissions only and these photos will also be used in the Awards Presentation. There will be no on-site judging.

Although Kitchen projects do not have not have to have been renovated within the past calendar year - PREVIOUS ACE AWARD winning projects in this category are not eligible for entry in this category

Criterion Weight
Overall appeal: Design, materials 40.0%
Innovative Design and/or features: Design, Storage, Traffic Flow 20.0%
Creative use of space/Functionality of floor plan: Uniqueness of Design or innovation 20.0%
Written submission 10.0%
Space Improvement written submission 10.0%