The 2024 SCHBA Awards of Creative Excellence consist of online submissions.


Create your member account.

  • Select the category you wish to enter, and submit your information according to the specifications for the category
  • All supporting materials listed are REQUIRED
  • Include electronic copy of current corporate logo for production (PDF's) 
  • Do not reference your company name in the written submission, and ensure that there are no logos in the photos and floor plans you use
  • Entries will be saved in your member account, and can be edited up until the entry deadline (March 7th Midnight) If you require assistance with submissions, please contact our office ~ email Sandy

Accuracy of submitted materials is the responsibility of the applicant. Information given on the entry form will be used exactly as submitted in the award ceremony through production, presentation, and recognition in the media. 


  • Entry Fees are $160.00+ HST per entry  
  • All Entries will be invoiced direct 


  • Maximum number of allowable images is 6 
  • Renovation categories shall include a minimum of 2 before images taken from the same perspective as the after photos 
  • Multi Family & Single Family New Home categories shall include at least one exterior photo including portrait and landscape
  • For best production quality digital images should be uncompressed JPGs


  • Online submission, including all supporting documentation and payment.
  • After this deadline, the committee reserves the right to extend the deadline for a SPECIFIC category and solicit additional entries in the event that there are less than three entries from a minimum of two companies in the category in question


  • SCHBA Member companies and their affiliates must indicate the Year and the Award Category Title in which they won or were a finalist when advertising/promoting/etc.


  • SCHBA reserves the right to disqualify incomplete submissions without notice or refund
  • Acceptance of submissions received is at the discretion of SCHBA
  • SCHBA reserves the right to realign categories due to volume of entries. 
  • If there are fewer than two entries in any category, SCHBA reserves the right to eliminate that category from the competition. Refunds will be given to those who have entered a cancelled category
  • SCHBA reserves the right to take judges on-site
  • All entrants agree to be bound by these rules


SCHBA Award Virtual Judges will bring their professional experience and unique perspectives in deciding which companies deserve top-ranks and coveted awards in each category. Judges will review the submissions, and rate the work against provided criteria through a private, online system. On line judging will take place.

Judging Criteria is listed with each category description. Judging is performed on line by industry professionals from across the country. All entries are scored based on judging criteria and submitted anonymously. Judges will not know the name of the company that has submitted entries.


Email: Sandy Tuckey at 


A SCHBA ACE Award is the industry's stamp of quality and craftsmanship in recognizing the best of the best! This is the Event of the Year that you DO NOT want to miss out on!! 

The Awards Presentation Gala will take place. Make it a celebration for everyone -  bring your team, clients, and suppliers to the event! This is the EVENT OF THE YEAR as we celebrate our Awards & Presidents Bash!! 

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  • Awards of Creative Excellence 2024
  • Awards of Creative Excellence 2024
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  • Awards of Creative Excellence 2024
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  • Awards of Creative Excellence 2024
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